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Kids' Night Out Event

Essence BJJ Walnut Creek School is thrilled to offer a Kids' Night Out for children ages 3 and up! We invite your kids to come and check out our engaging activities while learning self-defense techniques in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. 

Why Register in Our Kids' Night Out?


Have you considered enrolling in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes but have not found the right time? Kids Night Out is the perfect time to learn more about the benefits of our community and make new friends. Come join us for team-building games, pizza, and movies while learning self-defense techniques. 

Our instructors have a passion for martial arts and teaching these techniques to children in an engaging and supportive environment. Parents can enjoy an evening out while their kids engage in exciting activities in a safe and supportive environment. Whether you want to schedule a date night in the city or have a relaxing evening at home, our program provides you with a great opportunity to sit back and relax while your child learns with our community.

Frequently Asked Questions


Whether you’re new to martial arts or you have several years of experience, we invite you to enjoy this fun night. Here are a few questions we answer about this program. 

How Long Does A Kid's Night Out Last?


Our program lasts three hours. This fun night will begin at 6 pm and end promptly at 9 pm. 

What Is the Age Group That Can Attend?


We enroll students starting at age 3. Our instructors work with each age group and skill level and tailor their instruction to fit the needs of each age level. 

What Do Kids Do?


Kids' night out is an exciting experience for all ages! Students engage in team-building exercises, self-defense classes, crafts, board games, movies, and pizza. It's a thrilling experience for all children. 

Are There Any Special Instructions for Parents?


We recommend students wear comfortable clothing and bring a refillable water bottle each night. Wearing comfortable clothing will allow them to engage in all activities. 

Contact Us To Register


Contact Essence BJJ Walnut Creek School if you'd like to learn more about our Kids Night Out Event. We look forward to having you join our friendly and engaging community. 


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