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Adult Muay Thai in Pleasant Hill, CA

Do you live in the Pleasant Hill, CA, area and are interested in taking Muay Thai classes? At Ralph Gracie Walnut Creek Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School, we offer adult martial arts classes that can teach you many valuable skills, including self-defense and discipline. Here at RGWC, we believe in training spirit, body, and mind. This combat fitness sport will help all experience levels gain self-esteem.

Ready To Learn Adult Muay Thai?


Trying something can be a little intimidating, especially when you are an adult with so much to juggle and do throughout your week. Muay Thai, however, is a very physical activity, sometimes known as combat fitness, that provides our students with many great benefits. Not only will you see improvements in your mobility, balance, and strength, but you will also begin to gain a new sense of confidence. Muay Thai is a great martial arts form for burning calories and finally shedding those hard-to-lose pounds. 


Apart from its physical benefits, this type of activity is also a good way to widen your social circle. At RGWC in Walnut Creek, CA, you won’t just become a student. You will also become a part of a larger community of like-minded and motivated individuals such as yourself. 

We Provide Classes For Pleasant Hill Residents


Our office is located at 1500 S Main St., Walnut Creek, CA 94596. We are proud to provide our services and welcome individuals from many surrounding areas, such as Pleasant Hill, as well. Some of the surrounding areas we are able to support include Concord, Moraga, Lafayette, and Alamo, CA. So, don’t be shy, drop in and see us about starting classes. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Adult Muay Thai


Below we will discuss a few of the common questions we can answer for our students:

Do I Need To Get In Shape Before Starting Classes?


Many people think they need to be in peak physical condition or extremely athletic to begin training in martial arts like Muay Thai. This is simply not so. The only thing you need for the class is the will and determination to show up and commit to the martial arts training. Whatever shape you come to us in, you will only improve upon it. 

What Do I Wear To My Trial Class?


Athletic wear or gym clothes are probably the best for your trial class here in Walnut Creek, CA. We will also fit you for a Gi. Gis can be purchased at the academy or rented for a small fee. Uniforms are also mandatory as it helps to create an atmosphere of unity, organization, and professionalism. The uniform is a show of respect for your leader and the team. 

What Can I Expect To Learn From My Classes?

Your training will teach you many important skills including those needed for self-defense and self-discipline. You will also experience growth in areas such as self-esteem and a balance between your body and mind. You will not only learn about and improve upon your physical strengths but also your inward strengths, too. At RGWC, we teach trust, respect, and honor. 

Is Jiu-Jitsu safe for beginners?


Yes, Jiu-Jitsu is safe for beginners when it is taught with proper instruction, supervision, and safety. Reputable Jiu-Jitsu academies prioritize the safety of participants, especially beginners. Techniques are introduced gradually, and students are taught to use controlled movements. Emphasis is put on communication and respect to create a safe environment.

Is safety gear recommended for Jiu-Jitsu training?

Yes, safety gear is often used during Jiu-Jitsu training. Requirements may vary among academies. Safety gear includes a well-fitted uniform, mouthguards, and ear protection. Some practitioners wear rash guards for skin protection. In sparring or competitions, headgear and knee pads might be recommended. Instructors can guide students on the appropriate gear for training activities.

Is Jui-Jitsu good for women?

Jiu-Jitsu has no gender boundaries. It is beneficial for both men and women. Whether learning for self-defense, better fitness, or personal growth, there is a welcoming and empowering environment in Jiu-Jitsu academies. The sport fosters inclusivity and camaraderie, making it a fulfilling activity for all genders.

Is Jiu-Jitsu a good family activity?

Absolutely! Jiu-Jitsu is an awesome family activity that brings everyone together through a shared physical experience. It not only strengthens family bonds but also promotes mutual support. Whether you're looking for self-defense skills, a fun fitness routine, or quality time together, practicing martial arts as a family can be rewarding.

How frequently do I need to train to see improvement in my Jiu-Jitsu skills? 

Consistency is the name of the game! Regular training sessions are the key to making significant strides in your abilities. The ideal frequency varies based on your goals, but maintaining a consistent schedule is vital for visible progress. Pay attention to your body and push your limits to experience continuous improvement. Work with your trainer to tailor your training approach and effectively work towards achieving your goals.

Schedule Your Martial Arts Class Today


If you’re ready to begin your training, contact us today about our free trial. The only limits you have in this life are the ones you place upon yourself. At RGWC, we are all about improving and overcoming limitations. So, contact us now, and let's begin this new learning journey in your life together.

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