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Best Martial Arts School 2022

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

When you’re searching for exceptional martial arts schools, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Ralph Gracie Walnut Creek is pleased to share our award-winning programs and services with those in Walnut Creek and the surrounding areas. As the winner of the best martial arts school in 2022, we are proud to offer an encouraging environment where students of all ages can learn and grow.

Award Winning Martial Arts Instruction

Our academy is honored to receive the Walnut Creek Award for best martial arts school. As a leader in martial arts instruction, we believe that quality instruction is more important than quantity. Offering a few high-quality classes each week is a better way to serve our students than instructing them for several hours every day. We focus on the instruction of intentional technique and help them master those techniques before moving forward.

Benefits of Learning Martial Arts At Our School

We are thrilled to operate among exceptional local businesses in our area and look forward to serving our community. When adults or children enroll with our school to learn martial arts, they experience lasting benefits for their health and other areas of life. Our instruction includes training the areas of mind, body, and spirit for an optimal learning experience.

When training at our school, students will experience benefits such as:

  • Cognitive awareness

  • Increased physical strength

  • Self-confidence

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Better hand-eye coordination

  • Deeper social skills

Learning martial arts can help students develop a deeper understanding of courage, respect, and honor as they train in each class. Many students experience increased positivity in all areas of their lives.

Training Our Students

At Ralph Gracie Walnut Creek Jiu-Jitsu School, we believe in instilling confidence in every student through the values of martial arts. Our instructors believe that martial arts is more than a sport. The values and techniques students learn in martial arts carry over into every area of their lives.

When students train with our school, they learn more than self-defensive techniques and skills. They learn confidence, self-discipline, respect, perseverance, and more.

In our classes, students of all ages practice drills, coordination exercises, and more than improve self-confidence and cognitive awareness.

We Offer Highly Skilled Instructors From Around the World

Ralph Gracie Walnut Creek Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School is proud to provide students with outstanding training from experienced instructors. Our instructors are from several countries around the world and enjoy sharing their knowledge with all of our students. They truly believe martial arts is more than a sport, but a lifestyle.

Spending time each class with our students through one-on-one or class instruction allows us to guide them through the history and technique. Our mission is for students of all ages to develop a love of martial arts and embrace learning something new. Every student will experience benefits at every stage of learning.

Considering Martial Arts Classes?

If you’re considering martial arts classes, we invite you to contact us for a tour of our facilities. We would love to meet with you and share more information about our school.

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